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walkers gather at the Schiller statue in Schiller Park

Join GVWC Today!


The walks step off every Saturday at 8am from the Schiller Statue at Schiller Park. Choose 3 or 5-mile routes through downtown, or Schiller Loops (learn more). All walking paces are supported!


Helping our members become as healthy as they can for as long as they can. 

GVWC walkers of all ages in downtown Columbus

We don't care where you live, how old you are, or how fast you walk. Everyone is welcome at the GVWC. We're the Club for you!



We are athletes. We finish strong.

Check out the four pillars on which the GVWC was founded.



The GVWC's role in the community is three dimensional:

  1. Promoting a community of walkers,  

  2. Promoting walking to the community, and 

  3. Promoting opportunities for walkers to give back to our community.

GVWC walkers after completing a half marathon
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Walkers with the GVWC go out outside no matter how cold it is

Summer's heat and winter's cold...

We walk in all weather conditions--except ice and lightning. Find out more about This Week's Walk.

GVWC members give back to the community

Giving Back to the Community

GVWC members participate in service projects to strengthen our community.

Check out our videos

We're always up to something new.

  • GVWC is going short!

  • GVWC is official training partner for the AAWalk

The GVWC is going...SHORT!

The GVWC is going...SHORT!

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