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Photos of Proud GVWC Racers

In Their Own Words

Below are the race results that GVWC members shared for their most recent race. Perhaps this was a PR or a milestone distance. Whether they finished first or last, they still finished--and that's worth celebrating! 


Emerald City Half Marathon,  Dublin, OH | 8/27/17


Sheryl Smith. First Walking Race

Brooke Albrecht - First Walking Race 


USATF Meet, Cleveland | 6/18/2016


Joyce Prohaska - 3000M 65-69 years. First Place

Cindy Wildman - 3000M 60-64 years. First Place

Ohio Senior Olympics | 6/11/2016


Karen Edwards - 1500M & 5000M 50-54 years. GOLD/GOLD, First Judged Race Walking Event

Cindy Wildman - 1500M & 5000M 60-64 years. GOLD/GOLD

Joyce Prohaska - 5000M 65-79 years. GOLD

Neal Eiber - 1500M 70-74years. GOLD


Jack Roth Rock & Run 5K | 6/5/2016


Andrea Applegate 24:59.5 (running)

Larry Smith 24.59.4 (running, shhh..don't tell anyone) 


Bountiful Gifts 5K/10K/Half | 6/4/2016


Christie Angel 51:31 5K, First Race

Karin Beaulieu 1:20:15 10K, 1st Place Women

Otto Beatty 1:23:12 10K, 2nd Place Men, First Race

Priscilla Knaus 1:34 10K

Linda Romanoff 2:38:14 Half, 3rd Place Women (got off course, and did more than 13.1 miles!)

Field of Heroes 5K | 5/29/2016


Johnie Myers 38:23 First Walking Race

Wheeling Ogden Half | 5/28/2016


Jim Matysiak (we are still calculating...)



WHAT'S UP WITH YOU? Share your next race, results, and photo, and we'll post it. 


Read stories--sometimes inspiring, sometimes hysterical--from GVWC members who share their experiences with training and racing. Got your own story to contribute? 

Sheryl Brooke Emerald City
deb karin 4 miler NA
finish hot
Dr. Steph Col Half 2016 2
Dr. Steph Col Half 2016 1
Campbell Team
Walk the Talk - Gloria Mo Darla Chuck
goofy walkers
Em and Smason Rock N Roll Chicago Half
Joyce and Cindy 3000
Karen Cindy Neal Ohio Senior Olympics
Neal 1500M 2016_edited
Karen 5000M 2016_edited
Mile 25.5  Chicago
Em Smas Gab Finish
Otto and Christie Bountiful
Bountiful 3
Linda Bountiful
JIm Wheeling Ogden Half
piglets medals
Cap City 2016 jim karin vicky
Jim M Pig
dr steph flyin pig
Jim Matysiak COlumbus Half
Jim M Pig at GABP
columbus marathon
aja lss efs kentucky
Entire LSS Phone Collection 001
brewery district

To Do My Best Half Marathon| 5/21/2016


Laura Modisette 2:37:12 (under the weather too!)


Flying Pig Half Marathon | 5/1/2016


Steph Ladson-Wofford 2:50:04

Linda Romanoff 2:50:05

Maureen Redovan 2:50:06

Jim Matysiak 2:43:00


Cap City Half Marathon | 4/30/2016


Laura Modisette 2:39:23

Jim McVay 2:46:39 last mile was fastest!

Karin Beaulieu 2:50:43

Vicky Brunetto 3:00:24

Deb Chenault 3:05:59


OhioHealth Cap City Half Marathon 
April 28, 2018
by Michelle Bretscher
Five years ago my husband walked in his first half marathon. I was so proud of him. The kids and I went down to cheer him on. I was in awe of each and every participant. Especially the ones for whom it did NOT look easy. I thought, I could NEVER do that. So I didn't try. Flash forward to April 1, 2017. That was the day I started the Whole30 eating program. I am not exaggerating when I say that it changed my life. I was 40+ pounds heavier than I am today, and I felt horrible. On April 22, 2017, I walked in my first race, the Spielman Foundation's "Step Up for Stef's Champions." I chose the one-mile distance option because I could not have imagined going four. But when they put that medal on my neck after I crossed the finish line, I had to hold back tears.
Over the last year, I proceeded to eat healthier (mostly whole and non-processed foods) and walk more. And I now feel like a different person. Last weekend I accomplished what I thought was impossible. I walked the Cap City Half Marathon. It wasn't fast, and it wasn't pretty, but I did it. And it feels pretty great. If anyone else is just starting their journey... sitting on the couch, thinking it's too hard, let me say that if I can do it, so can you. At the Cap City, I again watched in awe at other race participants. Not the elites (although they do take my breath away), but those who clearly aren't. I saw so many people who on the surface didn't "look" like they could do it. People even heavier than me. People way older than me. People with apparent health conditions. Know what? Not only could they do it. Most of them SMOKED me. You can probably smoke me, too! Of course it takes a village. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my husband, who supported me throughout the last year and walked alongside me in the half. To many friends and family who inspired me by sharing their health and fitness journeys. And to the GVWC's Larry and Andrea. They took the time to answer my questions, counsel me and encourage me. Thank you! And walk on, friends!
Emerald City Half Marathon 
August 27, 2017
by Sheryl Smith

I decided to try a walking half marathon to earn 10 points out of the 100 needed for my company’s wellness program, entitling me to a $60/month savings next year in health insurance.  And once I uttered I’m training for a 1/2, everyone in the GVWC provided encouragement, tips for hydration, clothing advice, and lessons learned.  You are all amazing!!   Thank you Larry for introducing me to the walking club, for providing me a training schedule and for following my progress and encouraging Brooke and me to give it our best. Thanks Brooke for walking with me and motivating me to get all the training in.  Hard to believe we could talk for 12 miles straight!  Since undertaking this journey, I have gained great appreciation for walking outside after work down the Scioto mile or for long weekend walks.   The gym rat has decided to shake it up a little and breathe fresh air!!  Race day was perfect, cool, and once the runners took off, us walkers had the lay of the land to ourselves.    I am really proud of what Brooke and I accomplished and look forward to the next race!

USATF Track Meet Cleveland 3000M 
June 18, 2016
by Cindy Wildman

Joyce and I took part with our track club in a USATF track meet this morning. We both placed 1st in age group for 3000 meter race walk. It was very hot but totally awesome to participate with our track club. My goals just keep happening for me. Life just keeps getting better, one step at a time.

Ohio Senior Olympics 1500M and 5000M 
June 11, 2016
by Karen Edwards

I placed first in my age group and 2nd overall in the 1500 meter and third overall in the 5000 meter. There were 15 people listed as participating. Neil, Cindy and Dave Ridenour all qualified too.


This was my first judged racewalk and it was a lot harder than I anticipated. The judges were tough (one of them was Donna Graham) and people in both the men's and women's races were DQ'd. There wasn't a race where someone wasn't DQ'd. I think it was partly because of the heat. It was so hard to hold form. The judges were crouching down watching for form. I am used to racing with music and there was no music allowed during the races as I use it to help pace me. You are on a track and I am not used to walking on a track.  The curves are hard on a track in racewalking form. The 5000 meters had 25 curves! My first race was at 10:00 a.m. and it was hot, but my second one was at 1:00 p.m. in 92 degree heat! It was hot! Anyway I am glad to be done and glad to have qualified! I am excited and will be going to Birmingham next year!

Bountiful  Gifts 10K 
June 4, 2016
by Otto Beatty

Inspired by the stories, encouragement and energy of my fellow German Village Walking Club members, I participated in my first 10k walking race at the Massillon Ohio.  My number one cheerleader and spouse traveled with me to cheer me on, or maybe more so to make sure I woke up on time.   I also found that the walking community is friendly, welcoming and proud.  We met several people at the hotel breakfast room who travelled from different parts of Ohio and the region.  It was also great to see a few familiar faces from Columbus – Cindy, Priscilla, Linda, and Karin who provided me with last minute tips and calmed my nerves.   Despite the small number of walkers and several glitches at this inaugural race, the experience was fulfilling and satisfying.  


My GVWC Saturdays prepared me well for the race – when I pushing through during the last leg of the race– I thought to myself “Walking a dirt towpath is nothing because I come from the land of Uneven Brick Streets! – Finish Strong!”

Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon 
May 1, 2016
by Jim Matysiak


Before departing for a conference on Monday, I ventured over to Cincinnati to participate in the Flying Pig Half Marathon. My time 2:43. I am really happy because my Fall 2015 Columbus Half Marathon time was 2:47 and the Cincy course had a topography much more challenging with the hills. I saw a lot of race walkers participating in both the Full and Half races. Lastly, there was no rain after the gun went off and although humidity was elevated, MANY volunteers were on the race course with ample water and treats for the participants. I thought we would have pulled pork at the finish! Nope! Skyline Chili Dogs were a delicious way to replenish. I usually do the Pittsburgh race this same weekend ever year, but I'm thrilled to have been "oinked for life ".  



Salt Fork Spring 10.4 Miler Challenge
April 30, 2016
by Karen Edwards


Yeah, this was a really hard race! This was harder than the Great Wall of China Marathon and the Disney Dopey (5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon on consecutive days).  Although, it did not help that I had done no hill work at all! But regardless, I spoke with a couple of people who had completed this race before and they said it is a hard course. Out of the 10.4 miles only 1.2 is paved. The rest of it is on trail with a little bit on grass. It is also all hills and these are steep hills! We do not have anything like this in our area of Ohio. The website said 11 hills and I will agree with that statement except that I would add 11 BIG hills and the rest are smaller rolling hills. Take a look at the elevation on the website as that gives you an idea of what it is like.


There were tree roots sticking up along the paths and rocks everywhere there was also several trees that had fallen over that you had to climb over in order to continue. The course also had three streams that you have to cross (and they are about 3 feet wide) so unless you are a long jumper you are wading through them. With all of the rain recently left mud everywhere! In fact, as announcements were made at the start of the race they gave everyone another 1/2 hour to complete because the mud was so bad. I threw away my socks and shoes as they were covered with mud and completely soaked. Fortunately I did wear my oldest shoes knowing they would more than likely get trashed. The only problem with this was the fact that they were old... so old... that by mile 8 my feet were killing me because there wasn't enough support left in the shoes. I would definitely do this race again... but I would train for hills next time. They run this race in the Fall too but it goes in the opposite direction and that direction is supposedly easier. There are no port-o-potties on the trail as there is no way to get them into the woods. There is one area where you can go to the bathroom and that is at mile 5, which is the one mile that is on pavement. The is also a water stop at mile 5. If you need more water than that you are on your own. There are plenty of park rangers on horses so if you need to drop out you will be brought back to the lodge on horseback. That is the only way out of the hills/woods as no car could ever get up there.


This is definitely a trail run and a heck of a challenge! I made it but by mile 5 I thought I had made a horrible mistake. Unfortunately I am no quitter... and the trail wasn't going to get the best of me! As I said, I will do this again except that I will train (as best I can) for the hills. It made for a nice weekend. The lodge has an indoor pool with a hot tub, game room and good dining etc... so it's not too expensive. But if you didn't want to stay the race doesn't start until 9:30 a.m. (because it is still too dark in the woods) so you could get up and drive down for the day. Anyway.... that is my story! It is a challenge... even trained really well it would be a challenge as there was so much climbing on trail. I climbed alot with the China race.... but it wasn't trail.

Jim M Pig
Jim View Mile 8 Pig
Jim M Pig at GABP
Jim Pig
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