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Promoting a community of walkers. We all come from different places in our lives - from our backgrounds, our upbringing, to what we do in our daily lives.  But, on Saturday mornings, we come together as a walking club, helping to improve our own fitness, maybe inspire others to be fit, and just hanging enjoying each other's company, and not taking the world so seriously. Sometimes we even take a shot at solving some of the world problems over a cup of coffee (well, and chocolates too).  It is kind of a Saturday morning comfort zone. 

GVWC members meet for coffee after a walk on a beautiful day

The GVWC considers our role in the community as 3 dimensional:

  1. Promoting a community of walkers,  

  2. Promoting walking to the community, and 

  3. Promoting opportunities for walkers to give back to our community.

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Promoting walking to the community.  The GVWC wants to "walk the talk" about walking by encouraging others in the community to get out their front door and just starting putting one step in front of the other.  We try to do this with our Saturday morning walks, and also promoting walking through our Community Urban Walks that we host once or twice a year.  All we want to do is spread the word about all the positive impacts walking has had on our lives.   

 At Winans after Saturday

morning walks.

Bringing the Community Out to Experience the Benefits of Walking

Promoting opportunities for walkers to give back to our community. We share our weekly surroundings with our community.  We appreciate the neighborhoods and parks we share, respect all the residents, and we want to make sure we are good partners with our community. Therefore, the Club’s goal is to commit to community service by helping out residents in need, keeping the neighborhoods and parks clean, and just being overall good stewards of our downtown community. See how we get Into the Neighborhood.

Putting Our Best Foot Forward: GVWC Serving Tuesday Night Dinner at the Reeb Avenue Center

GVWC Volunteering Commitment - For 2019, the GVWC will donate one dollar to a charity for every GVWC volunteer hour (up to 200 hours). Help us achieve our goal this year!


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